Reseal My Shower / Bath Glasgow

Reseal My Shower / Bath Glasgow 

Are you doing a Google search using the search term  “Reseal My Shower / Bath Glasgow” – if the answer is yes then you have come to the right place as we are Glasgow’s premier specialist for silicone and grout cleaning and replacement – that’s what we do everyday of the week!!

Silicone King are specialists:

Silicone King specialise in removing and replacing silicone sealant as well as cleaning and /or replacing grout. Whether it is due to mould or a leak, we can help.

Silicone Pricing Menu:

Silicone King have a pricing menu which allows the customer to check out our fixed prices so that you know how much your job is going to cost. We are very thorough in our work and are very successful in stopping leaks (if that is your issue).

Mouldy Sealant or Grout?

It may be that your sealant or grout is mouldy and that is the reason that you have decided to get in touch. In most instances we can clean the grout, however, it is not possible to clean silicone sealant of mould, and the only solution is to completely remove the old silicone sealant, sterilise and clean all surfaces, and then apply a quality silicone sealant containing a good anti mould addititive such as “Steritouch” or “Microban”. We only use top quality sealants that we have tested over the years and that we know are effective.


Furthermore we guarantee our work against leaks and mould (subject to conditions).

Call us today:

Please call us on 0141 357 4298 or get in touch by email: [email protected] and we can discuss your requirements and give you a price.

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    Silicone Sealant Tradesman Contractor Glasgow

    Silicone Sealant Tradesman Contractor Glasgow


    Looking for a Silicone Sealant Tradesman Contractor in Glasgow? Then look no further for you have just found “Silicone King” who specialise in the replacement and resealing of baths, showers, kitchen sinks, worktops etc. Regrettably we do not do windows.


    Why use a Silicone Sealant Tradesman Contractor Glasgow

    Silicone King” have been specialising in silicone sealant throughout the Glasgow area for a number of years and the only specialist service of this nature that we know of. We also clean and replace grout in showers and bathrooms where it has gone black form mould or mildew, we have had surprising results cleaning grout just using chemicals – it’s a great service if you’re thinking of sprucing up your home or flat to let before you put it on the market – apparently the one thing that is likely to put off a prospective buyer or tenant, is the state of the bathroom, shower or kitchen, so it’s well worth while spending a small amount to secure that sale, and all the quicker.


    What a Silicone Sealant Tradesman Contractor Glasgow does

    If replacing the silicone sealant, then “Silicone King” will remove all the old silicone sealant, thoroughly clean all the surfaces including sterilising, and only when we are satisfied that the surfaces are ready for an application of high quality silicone sealant, including drying all surfaces, do we proceed with the application.

    The sealant is applied carefully to ensure a watertight seal and nice neat bead of sealant.


    Price to employ a Silicone Sealant Tradesman Contractor Glasgow

    Prices from “Silicone King” are surprisingly modest considering you are getting the benefit of their expertise, and the application of a top quality silicone sealant included in the price. We operate for a fixed price menu, so in most instances we are able to give a close approximation of the cost without requiring to make a site vast beforehand.

    For the “Seal of Approval” call Glasgow’s “Silicone King” today on 0141 357 4298

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      Silicone Doctor Glasgow

      Silicone Doctor Glasgow

      I guess if you are looking at this page then you have a problem with your silicone sealant around your bath, shower tray, or kitchen worktop/sink and your looking for a Silicone Doctor in Glasgow to relieve the symptoms??

      The type of problems are generally black mould and mildew that is unsightly, or perhaps the sealant  is leaking. Either way you are fortunate if you live in Glasgow, because there is a specialist in silicone sealant and resealing baths, showers etc.


      Silicone Doctor Solutions

      The solution whether it be mouldy silicone sealant or leaking silicone sealant is to entirely remove all the old sealant and start afresh. All the surfaces require to be thoroughly cleaned and dried and only then can a high quality anti-bacterial sealant be applied. The application of the new sealant is important because if it’s not done correctly it will look unsightly and still probably leak. Often “Silicone King” gets called to homes where a member of the household has attempted to do it themselves, sometimes several times to seal a leak without success. Because “Silicone King” (Glasgow’s Silicone Doctor) does this day in day out, we know what to look for in order to resolve the issue, and we’re proud to say that we’ve not been beaten yet!



      Contact Silicone Doctor (“Silicone King”)

      Living in or around Glasgow then contact “Silicone King” ( your Silicone Sealant Doctor in Glasgow) who will nurse your silicone sealant back to health at very reasonable prices, they even have a fixed price menu so that you will have a good idea as to what it will cost before a technician starts the work.

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        Glasgow’s Silicone Sealant Man / Guy

        Glasgow’s Silicone Sealant Man / Guy

        Did you know that Glasgow had a specialist silicone sealant man / guy?

        In fact Glasgow is lucky enough to have a very specialist service that specialises in the removal and replacement of silicone sealant by a silicone sealant man / guy. Glasgow’s silicone sealant man works for a company called “Silicone King” which is based on the north side of Glasgow but cover the whole of the Glasgow area.


        Leaking shower or bath sealant?

        If you are having problems with your shower tray or bath sealant because it’s leaking then it’s worth getting in touch with Glasgow’s foremost silicone sealant man / guy who will rectify the issue and seal the problem. Glasgow’s silicone sealant man / guy will carefully remove all the old existing silicone sealant, clean and sterilise the area and then replace the sealant with a high quality mould resistant silicone sealant that will keep your shower or bath leak free and looking good for years.


        Mouldy silicone sealant?

         If your sealant has gone mouldy then it’s time to get in touch with Glasgow’s Silicone Sealant Man / Guy who will make a first class job of removing and replacing the silicone sealant. Glasgow’s silicone sealant man / guy has a menu of prices so that you will have a good idea of how much it’s going to cost just by contacting him on the phone. Glasgow’s silicone sealant man / guy won’t even have to come to your home or business to give you a price, as he’s done so many before that he will be able to advise you of costs on the phone.

         Glasgow’s silicone sealant man / guy hopes that this blog is helpful and looks forward to hearing from you if you have a leaking or mouldy shower or bath due to the silicone sealant.

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          Leaking Shower Tray Sealant

          Leaking shower tray sealant

          A Leaking shower tray due to poor silicone sealant can cause damage to ceilings, flooring and floor coverings, not to mention wet rot which is unseen until the shower tray is removed. This can go on for years before the cost of the leaking sealant is discovered. If you are aware that the shower tray is leaking then it should be attended to immediately – if you live in Glasgow then it would be worth contacting “Silicone King” who specialise in shower and bath silicone sealant replacement.


          Shower Tray Silicone Sealant

          Shower Tray silicone sealant can be easily replaced – if the sealant looks very black then it is likely to not be performing as an effective seal anymore – the mould will have attacked it and it will have lost the properties that allow it to stick to the surrounding materials – it time to replace it before lots of water bypasses the silicone sealant and causes significant damage to surrounding substrates.


          Other signs that your shower tray sealant is leaking

          Other signs that the silicone sealant around the shower tray is no longer effective are gaps between sealant and shower tray and / or tiles (wet wall etc.). This may not be obvious but if you can see what appears to be a thin black line then the silicone sealant may no longer be sticking adequately to the surfaces and letting water to escape. You can do a simply check by getting a very thin knife and slipping it under the silicone sealant – if the knife slides easily or any distance under the sealant, then the silicone sealant is longer doing its job and requires complete removal and replacement by someone who knows what they are doing, someone like “Silicone King” of Glasgow. If you don’t live in Glasgow then try to find a similar silicone sealant replacement service in your area.


          Hopefully this little snippet of info will help you solve your leaking shower tray, and replace your silicone sealant if in any doubt.









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            Silicone Man Glasgow, Paisley

            Silicone Man Paisley and Glasgow

             Looking for a silicone man to replace a leaking silicone sealant around your bath, or shower tray then you need to contact Glasgow’s “Silicone King” who are the original company that started a specialist service for the replacement of mouldy and leaking silicone sealant, including the replacement and cleaning of grout in bathrooms and showers. “Silicone King” have been operating in Glasgow for a number of years providing an affordable solution to their clients beoth domestic and commercial. “Silicone King” have a fixed price menu and guarantee their work mould and leak free (subject to terms and conditions).

             What does a silicone sealant man do for “Silicone King”?

            A fully trained silicone man will remove all the old mouldy and black silicone sealant carefully using specialist tools, then he will sterilise the area making sure that all soap residue is removed. The silicone man will now apply a quality fresh anti bacterial silicone sealant, leaving a neat bead around the shower tray, or bath that is free from leaks. Check out “Silicone King’s” guarantee page on their website.

             Glasgow’s silicone man, working for “Silicone King”,  cover lots of areas in and around  Glasgow such as:

            Partick, Thornwood, Broomhill, Jordanhill, Scotstoun, Paisley, Kelvindale, North Kelvinside, Woodside, Charing Cross, Govan, Cathcart, Langside, Pollockshaws, Pollockshields, Rutherglen, Cambuslang, Bearsden, Milngavie, Maryhill, Robroyston, Shettleston, Dennistoun, Thornliebank, Newton Mearns, Baillieston, Drumchapel, Bardowie, Duntocher,  Renfrew, Giffnock, Newlands, Clydebank, Johnstone, Clarkston, Busby, Carmyle,  etc., etc.

            So if you need a professional silicone man to do your silicone sealant around the Glasgow area, be sure to contact Glasgow’s first and foremost specialist “Silicone King” for a top class job on 0141 357 4298.



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              Best way to seal a shower cubicle

              Best way to seal a shower cubicle

               Whether you have a shower tray, a shower cubicle, or a shower enclosure, the principle of sealing them is the same.

              If you are resealing a shower tray only, then obviously you are only sealing the shower tray itself, whereas with a shower cubicle or a shower enclosure you are probably resealing the shower tray as well as the shower cubicle / enclosure with silicone sealant.

              Sealing a shower cubicle or shower enclosure is not difficult, read more below.

               Manufacturer’s instructions re sealing a shower cubicle

              We’ll assume that you are sealing a new installation for a shower cubicle or an enclosure, or if not, that you have completely removed all of the old silicone sealant. Before the shower cubicle, or enclosure are assembled, you should first of all seal all the way round the shower tray with a proprietary brand of silicone sealant from edge to edge. You are now ready to assemble the cubicle, or shower enclosure according to the manufacturer’s fitting instructions. The main reasons that a shower cubicle, or shower enclosures leak, is because they are often fitted before the shower tray has been sealed, and this means that water can get down behind the channels that are used to secure the shower enclosure, or shower cubicle to the wall tiles. Evidence that it has been fitted incorrectly, will be water escaping from the outside corners onto the floor, or damp patches on the adjoining wall or the ceiling below.

              Where to seal a shower cubicle or shower enclosure.

              Where should you seal a shower cubicle? – normally you may require a bead of silicone up the length of the channel that is fitted to wall – you do not want to apply alot of sealant to the shower cubicle / enclosure wall channels, as you may require to disassemble it at some point in the future, and if it’s completely stuck the full width of the channel then removing it will be very difficult.

              The shower enclosure / cubicle are now fixed to the wall, you now require to seal it, normally on the outside only, along the base, and up the vertical surfaces. Many people apply the silicone sealant to the inside – this is wrong for two reasons: 1) it means that the silicone sealant is constantly subjected to moisture that causes it to go black with mould – if it is applied to the outside, then this scenario does not apply, and your silicone sealant should remain mould free for a prolonged period;

              and 2) a shower tray and the shower cubicle, or shower enclosure are generally designed to allow the water to drain back into the shower and away down the plug hole. By sealing the inside you are preventing this from happening, allowing water to be trapped causing leaks out of parts of the shower cubicle or enclosure.

              Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter for sealing a shower cubicle, and if you do that then you are unlikely to have issues, provided that the silicone sealant has been applied correctly. Wrongly applied silicone sealant may lead to leaks that cannot be seen by the naked eye, meaning that the escaping water is causing damage like wet rot etc.

              Need a company to reseal the shower cubicle?

              Glasgow has a specialist company called “Silicone King” that offer a professional service for the sealing of shower cubicles, shower enclosures and shower trays, , so if you don’t feel inclined to reseal the shower cubicle yourself, then why not contact them today on 0141 357 4298.



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                I need to reseal my shower tray

                I need to reseal my shower tray.

                Resealing a shower tray is relatively simple if you do the job carefully and take your time. You will require some DIY skills and require to purchase some tools, assuming that you do not have any already.


                Tools required to reseal a shower tray

                Stanley knife

                Paint scraper

                Cartridge of silicone sealant

                Silicone Gun


                Surgical Gloves

                Cleaning agent

                Old clothes in case you get sealant on them

                Hair dryer to dry off any wet areas

                RCD Safety adaptor

                Dust sheet

                Masking tape


                Time required: Professional 2hrs. Amateur 4 -5 hrs inc. purchasing materials


                How to prepare the shower tray before resealing

                Squeegee off all the excess water lying in the shower tray and place the dust sheet in the shower tray to ensure that you do not scratch the base whilst working – be aware that the dust sheet may slip on the shiny base so be careful when moving around.

                Take the Stanley knife and very carefully cut away the silicone being careful not to damage the surfaces. Ensure that you have removed all of the silicone between the tiles and the shower tray before resealng.

                Take the paint scraper and scrape off all the remaining silicone on the shower tray and tiles – new silicone does not grip well on old silicone sealant, so it’s important to remove all of it.

                If when you are removing the silicone sealant from around the shower tray you notice that the old sealant is wet, you will require to use the hairdryer along with the RCD Safety Adaptor, to dry off all the surfaces – use the hairdryer on the lowest setting to avoid damaging any surfaces.

                Clean away all waste materials and clean all surfaces thoroughly before resealing the shower tray.


                How to reseal the shower tray

                Before starting to  use the silicone sealant to reseal the shower tray, put on the surgical gloves to help keep your hands clean and avoid any skin reactions.

                Mask off any areas where you do not wish any silicone sealant to go, with masking tape.

                Take the cartridge and cut the tip slightly larger than the gap to which you will be applying around the shower tray. Insert cartridge into the silicone gun and apply the sealant into the gap ensuring that all areas are completely filled.

                Smooth off the silicone sealant and remove any masking tape, and the dust sheet, and leave for twenty four hours before attempting to use the shower.


                Don’t fancy doing all this yourself and are worried that it may leak and look horrible, then why not call “Silicone King” who are based in Glasgow, and will do the whole job for you from only £69 – the tools and materials in the list will cost you way over the cost of employing them.

                It’s a no-brainer – give them a call on 0141 357 4298


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                  Good Silicone Sealant

                  Good Silicone Sealant

                  What the difference between using a good silicone sealant and the cheapest silicone sealant?

                  The answer – a huge difference!

                  Cheap inexpensive silicone sealant are of poor quality and do not have any or insufficient mould inhibitors to give a long lasting finish. In conditions where the silicone sealant is subjected to prolonged damp, high humidity, poor ventilation, and poor light it will go off within just a few months – it’s a complete waste of time using a cheap sealant.

                  What is in a good silicone sealant?

                  The difference as previously mentioned is that the good silicone sealant has a high level of antibacterial fungicide contained evenly throughout the cartridge. The mould inhibitor that will be in the good silicone sealant is “Microban”, this will probably be absent in the poor quality silicone sealant or insufficient quantities to make a difference to the life of ht e sealant.

                  How to choose a good silicone sealant

                  There a quite a number of good silicone sealant manufacturers and some of these are as follows:


                  Dow Corning



                  There are a few more, but stick to any of the above and you can be sure of a good result.

                   If you are unsure, or don’t know which good silicone sealant to purchase, why not use a professional company like Glasgow’s “Silicone King” ? “Silicone King” only use good silicone sealant, and guarantee their silicone sealant mould free. You could visit their website for their fixed price menu, or call them on 0141 357 4298.


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                    How to Remove Black mould from Silicone Sealant

                    How to Remove Black mould from Silicone Sealant

                     I guess if you are reading this blog, then you have black mould on your silicone sealant and you want rid of it! Hardly surprising, as it can be a bit of embarrassment if you have visitors that are using your bathroom or shower room that has black mould on the silicone sealant – they are probably thinking that you’re a bit of a slob when it comes to cleaning!! 

                    So, just how do you remove black mould from silicone sealant? the answer is that you cant’t really remove black mould, because once black mould has got a good hold on your silicone sealant the only answer is to remove all the sealant, sterilise the area, and replace it with a quality silicone sealant. Cleaning  isn’t really an option if you are looking to get nice clean looking silicone sealant once again.


                    What are the causes of black on silicone sealant?

                    In order for black mould to get a grip on your silicon sealant there are a number of criteria that it needs, and these are as follows;

                    • Prefers dark conditions
                    • Moisture
                    • Warmth
                    • Poor ventilation
                    • Lack of cleaning
                    • Body oils, soap, conditioner etc.

                     If you provide some or all of these criteria then you are well on the way to providing the perfect environment for your black mould to take hold.

                     How to deal with the issues of black mould on silicon sealant

                    Moisture – try to reduce this by opening the window and ensuring that you have a humidistat fan fitted. Also get a squeegee and wipe off all the excess water after bathing.

                    Warmth – if you can reduce the warmth even by a few degrees this will help inhibit black mould

                    Poor Ventilation – if it’s a shower always leave the shower door open to allow the air to circulate and help dry the cubicle. Open the window as much as possible, and get a humidistat fan fitted.

                    Poor Cleaning – get into the habit of cleaning the silicone sealant with a soft cloth, and use something like “CIF”. A gentle rub followed by rinsing, at least once a week.

                    Prefers Darkness –  if the room does not have a window, try leaving the light on, or the door open, to allow light from the adjoining room.

                     If you follow these basic instructions and you have used a quality silicone sealant, then your silicone will remain free of black mould  for years.

                     If your bath or shower tray need resealed due to black mould on the silicone sealant, and you don’t want to do it yourself, then you should contact Glasgow’s professional silicone sealant specialist “Silicone King”, they will ensure that the job is done properly with a great looking finish and a guaranteed seal.


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