Glasgow’s Premier Silicone Sealant Applicator

Glasgow’s Premier Silicone Sealant Applicator

Silicone King are pleased to announce that they recently completed the silicone sealant contract for the entire extensive backshop area for the new Hollisters Shop in Braehead, Glasgow.

The contractor’s who were given the job of the Hollisters new fit out at Glasgow’s Braehead, are very particular when it comes to detail,  ensuring that the finishes are perfect on behalf of their client. So much so, that they were paying attention to any tiny gaps between all the panels, this wasn’t in the front shop as you would expext, but this was in the backshop and storage facility!

Silicone King were required to fill all gaps between the galvanised cladding, and the walls ( the galvanised cladding had been fitted to protect the walls from damage from trolleys, deliveries etc.). Also, all the cladding had to have a matching silicone sealant applied to all internal corners, the sealant required to match the steel colour of the cladding.

Silicone Sealant for the walk-in Bathrooms

In addition, the very large walk-in bathrooms required to be sealed along the edges at floor level, this sounds fairly straight forward but the gap must have measured up to 2.5cms at parts, possibly more. There was a reason why the gap was so large, but I won’t bore you with the details. Gaps of 2.5 cms are much harder than normal to fill, particularly on a vertical surface. Anyway, suffice it say an excellent finish was achieved despite the number of silicone sealant cartridges that were required to fill it!!

All the mirrors, handbasins, toilets and WC were sealed, including two water geysers which were almost inaccesible at their sides, due to their position in an alcove, but suffice it to say that Silicone King  still managed to seal them all the way round.

Silicone King took almost two and half days to complete the work, so it gives you an indication as to just how much silicone sealant, and sealing was required to complete this Glasgow Braehead store!

Glasgow’s Silicone King are proud to be associated with commercial ventures of this nature, and are pleased to quote for jobs of a similar nature.

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