Good Silicone Sealant

Good Silicone Sealant

What the difference between using a good silicone sealant and the cheapest silicone sealant?

The answer – a huge difference!

Cheap inexpensive silicone sealant are of poor quality and do not have any or insufficient mould inhibitors to give a long lasting finish. In conditions where the silicone sealant is subjected to prolonged damp, high humidity, poor ventilation, and poor light it will go off within just a few months – it’s a complete waste of time using a cheap sealant.

What is in a good silicone sealant?

The difference as previously mentioned is that the good silicone sealant has a high level of antibacterial fungicide contained evenly throughout the cartridge. The mould inhibitor that will be in the good silicone sealant is “Microban”, this will probably be absent in the poor quality silicone sealant or insufficient quantities to make a difference to the life of ht e sealant.

How to choose a good silicone sealant

There a quite a number of good silicone sealant manufacturers and some of these are as follows:


Dow Corning



There are a few more, but stick to any of the above and you can be sure of a good result.

 If you are unsure, or don’t know which good silicone sealant to purchase, why not use a professional company like Glasgow’s “Silicone King” ? “Silicone King” only use good silicone sealant, and guarantee their silicone sealant mould free. You could visit their website for their fixed price menu, or call them on 0141 357 4298.


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