I need to reseal my shower tray

I need to reseal my shower tray.

Resealing a shower tray is relatively simple if you do the job carefully and take your time. You will require some DIY skills and require to purchase some tools, assuming that you do not have any already.


Tools required to reseal a shower tray

Stanley knife

Paint scraper

Cartridge of silicone sealant

Silicone Gun


Surgical Gloves

Cleaning agent

Old clothes in case you get sealant on them

Hair dryer to dry off any wet areas

RCD Safety adaptor

Dust sheet

Masking tape


Time required: Professional 2hrs. Amateur 4 -5 hrs inc. purchasing materials


How to prepare the shower tray before resealing

Squeegee off all the excess water lying in the shower tray and place the dust sheet in the shower tray to ensure that you do not scratch the base whilst working – be aware that the dust sheet may slip on the shiny base so be careful when moving around.

Take the Stanley knife and very carefully cut away the silicone being careful not to damage the surfaces. Ensure that you have removed all of the silicone between the tiles and the shower tray before resealng.

Take the paint scraper and scrape off all the remaining silicone on the shower tray and tiles – new silicone does not grip well on old silicone sealant, so it’s important to remove all of it.

If when you are removing the silicone sealant from around the shower tray you notice that the old sealant is wet, you will require to use the hairdryer along with the RCD Safety Adaptor, to dry off all the surfaces – use the hairdryer on the lowest setting to avoid damaging any surfaces.

Clean away all waste materials and clean all surfaces thoroughly before resealing the shower tray.


How to reseal the shower tray

Before starting to  use the silicone sealant to reseal the shower tray, put on the surgical gloves to help keep your hands clean and avoid any skin reactions.

Mask off any areas where you do not wish any silicone sealant to go, with masking tape.

Take the cartridge and cut the tip slightly larger than the gap to which you will be applying around the shower tray. Insert cartridge into the silicone gun and apply the sealant into the gap ensuring that all areas are completely filled.

Smooth off the silicone sealant and remove any masking tape, and the dust sheet, and leave for twenty four hours before attempting to use the shower.


Don’t fancy doing all this yourself and are worried that it may leak and look horrible, then why not call “Silicone King” who are based in Glasgow, and will do the whole job for you from only £69 – the tools and materials in the list will cost you way over the cost of employing them.

It’s a no-brainer – give them a call on 0141 357 4298


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