Leaking Shower Tray Sealant

Leaking shower tray sealant

A Leaking shower tray due to poor silicone sealant can cause damage to ceilings, flooring and floor coverings, not to mention wet rot which is unseen until the shower tray is removed. This can go on for years before the cost of the leaking sealant is discovered. If you are aware that the shower tray is leaking then it should be attended to immediately – if you live in Glasgow then it would be worth contacting “Silicone King” who specialise in shower and bath silicone sealant replacement.


Shower Tray Silicone Sealant

Shower Tray silicone sealant can be easily replaced – if the sealant looks very black then it is likely to not be performing as an effective seal anymore – the mould will have attacked it and it will have lost the properties that allow it to stick to the surrounding materials – it time to replace it before lots of water bypasses the silicone sealant and causes significant damage to surrounding substrates.


Other signs that your shower tray sealant is leaking

Other signs that the silicone sealant around the shower tray is no longer effective are gaps between sealant and shower tray and / or tiles (wet wall etc.). This may not be obvious but if you can see what appears to be a thin black line then the silicone sealant may no longer be sticking adequately to the surfaces and letting water to escape. You can do a simply check by getting a very thin knife and slipping it under the silicone sealant – if the knife slides easily or any distance under the sealant, then the silicone sealant is longer doing its job and requires complete removal and replacement by someone who knows what they are doing, someone like “Silicone King” of Glasgow. If you don’t live in Glasgow then try to find a similar silicone sealant replacement service in your area.


Hopefully this little snippet of info will help you solve your leaking shower tray, and replace your silicone sealant if in any doubt.









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