Reseal My Shower / Bath Glasgow

Reseal My Shower / Bath Glasgow 

Are you doing a Google search using the search term  “Reseal My Shower / Bath Glasgow” – if the answer is yes then you have come to the right place as we are Glasgow’s premier specialist for silicone and grout cleaning and replacement – that’s what we do everyday of the week!!

Silicone King are specialists:

Silicone King specialise in removing and replacing silicone sealant as well as cleaning and /or replacing grout. Whether it is due to mould or a leak, we can help.

Silicone Pricing Menu:

Silicone King have a pricing menu which allows the customer to check out our fixed prices so that you know how much your job is going to cost. We are very thorough in our work and are very successful in stopping leaks (if that is your issue).

Mouldy Sealant or Grout?

It may be that your sealant or grout is mouldy and that is the reason that you have decided to get in touch. In most instances we can clean the grout, however, it is not possible to clean silicone sealant of mould, and the only solution is to completely remove the old silicone sealant, sterilise and clean all surfaces, and then apply a quality silicone sealant containing a good anti mould addititive such as “Steritouch” or “Microban”. We only use top quality sealants that we have tested over the years and that we know are effective.


Furthermore we guarantee our work against leaks and mould (subject to conditions).

Call us today:

Please call us on 0141 357 4298 or get in touch by email: [email protected] and we can discuss your requirements and give you a price.

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