Silicone Doctor Glasgow

Silicone Doctor Glasgow

I guess if you are looking at this page then you have a problem with your silicone sealant around your bath, shower tray, or kitchen worktop/sink and your looking for a Silicone Doctor in Glasgow to relieve the symptoms??

The type of problems are generally black mould and mildew that is unsightly, or perhaps the sealant  is leaking. Either way you are fortunate if you live in Glasgow, because there is a specialist in silicone sealant and resealing baths, showers etc.


Silicone Doctor Solutions

The solution whether it be mouldy silicone sealant or leaking silicone sealant is to entirely remove all the old sealant and start afresh. All the surfaces require to be thoroughly cleaned and dried and only then can a high quality anti-bacterial sealant be applied. The application of the new sealant is important because if it’s not done correctly it will look unsightly and still probably leak. Often “Silicone King” gets called to homes where a member of the household has attempted to do it themselves, sometimes several times to seal a leak without success. Because “Silicone King” (Glasgow’s Silicone Doctor) does this day in day out, we know what to look for in order to resolve the issue, and we’re proud to say that we’ve not been beaten yet!



Contact Silicone Doctor (“Silicone King”)

Living in or around Glasgow then contact “Silicone King” ( your Silicone Sealant Doctor in Glasgow) who will nurse your silicone sealant back to health at very reasonable prices, they even have a fixed price menu so that you will have a good idea as to what it will cost before a technician starts the work.

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